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  • Help Build A History of Crowborough

    We need your help to build a complete history of Crowborough.

    Crowborough has a long past and while there have been an assortment of books written about it over the past this is, to our knowledge, the frist community based website. So why not become a part of the history yourself and send us your stories or recollections of people, places and events in Crowborough. More »


  • Bob Doe – The quiet hero

    bob_doe“We do not want to be remembered as heroes, we only ask to be remembered for what we have done” – Bob Doe More »


  • The Biggest Aspidistra in Crowborough

    ecAs you travel over the forest, just past King’s Standing you come across a fenced off area now owned by Sussex police. However, behind the barbed wire lies the story of how Britain managed to flood Germany with fake transmissions during World War II.
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  • The Burnt Oak Crash of 1916

    Thankfully train crashes are few and far between in Crowborough but one such incident occurred on 5th April 1916.
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  • From Crowborough to Soho

    prdribergtThis is the story of a man born and raised in Crowborough who went on to become a leading journalist and politician in the swinging sixties, but he also had a shadier side to him and was well known on the london sex party scene and was also suspected of being a Russian spy. This is the story of Tom Driberg.
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  • Minnie and the King’s Christmas Speech

    haskinsmlMinnie Louise Haskins was born at Warmley House, just outside of Bristol on 12 May 1875. Minnie, the oldest sister of 3, was bought up as a Nonconformist in the Wesleyan tradition.
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